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  2. HW 2.2 Item #4 — February 11, 2016
  3. Linear Motion 1.2 #4, airplane over a slope — February 7, 2016
  4. Gen Phys 1: First class assignment and webassign information — January 22, 2016
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Prosper High School UIL Invitational Meet Results

15-16 Score reporting sheet ALL contests


HW 2.2 Item #4

Several students asked about this problem after class last night.  Let’s take a look: (using my values from Webassign) A radar station detects an airplane approaching directly from the east. At first observation, the range to the plane is d1 =390 m at 40° above the horizon. The airplane is tracked for another 123° in …

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Linear Motion 1.2 #4, airplane over a slope

A high-performance jet plane, practicing radar avoidance maneuvers, is in horizontal flight of h = 45 m above the level ground. Suddenly, the plane encounters terrain that slopes gently upward at 4.3°, an amount difficult to detect (see Fig. 2-16). How much time does the pilot have to make a correction to avoid flying into …

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Gen Phys 1: First class assignment and webassign information

Don’t forget to set up your webassign account.  The instructions I gave you in class can be found here. Frequently asked questions regarding webassign and online homework: WebAssign-FAQ-UD There may be a glitch in assignment 1.2, problem 13.  If you encounter an issue, please email me. Finally, I realized that I accidentally copied an older …

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PreAP: Electrostatics 1 HW helps

Several folks have inquired about HW questions, particularly #’s 19-22.  These are certainly the more difficult problems on the HW assignment.  I will provide you with both some general information and some specific helps on each. First, 19 & 20 are essentially the same.  19 has a North-South orientation, while 20 has an East-West orientation.  …

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AP-C: Magnetic field practice from SMU

Loads of Practice problems:


AP-C: B-fields old quiz for practice (With KEY)

Below is a quiz that I have assigned as a take home quiz several times in recent years.  It focuses on the B-force only, so more the first half of our most recent unit.  Solutions are worked out in the pdf document. Quiz 19.2–AP–Magnetic Fields B-fields quiz 1–KEY


AP-1: E-fields and forces practice answer KEY

Worksheet–KEY–PreAP Efields Forces

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