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Prosper High School UIL Invitational Meet Results

15-16 Score reporting sheet ALL contests


Linear Motion 1.2 #4, airplane over a slope

A high-performance jet plane, practicing radar avoidance maneuvers, is in horizontal flight of h = 45 m above the level ground. Suddenly, the plane encounters terrain that slopes gently upward at 4.3°, an amount difficult to detect (see Fig. 2-16). How much time does the pilot have to make a correction to avoid flying into …

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AP Study Resource (All classes)

We had just gotten access to some AP study resources through the library’s Gale databases.  Since I have not yet seen them, I cannot guarantee the quality of the practice exams, they do seem like a good study option.  Use the following link to create your personal account and track your progress: At the …

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AP-C: Circuits HW 1, number 12

AP Circuits HW 1 question 12


All classes: Calendar and Tutoring Updates

AP Physics 1 syllabus-Waves-A day–REVISEDagain AP Physics 1 syllabus-Waves-B day–REVISEDagain syllabus–AP–Unit15–Circuits–Ch26,27,28–REVISEDagain Tutoring Schedule n10 And now, introducing the reason for my absence…the very first baby boehr: Raynes Alice    


Prosper High School UIL Invitational Results

Thank you for attending the PHS 2015 UIL Invitational Academic Tournament.  We hope that you will join us next year. Academic Champions “Sweepstakes”: McKinney High School 2nd Place Academic Team: Liberty High School Top Journalism Team: McKinney High School Top Speech and Debate Team: Gainesville High School All Academic Contests: PHS Invitational 2015 Score reporting …

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UIL: Bus Schedule for Princeton (1/10/15)

Take the bus for your first event.  All students must ride the bus to the event. Shuttle 1 Holland is in charge/heat count Meet at school @ 5:55, departs 6:10.  If your late, you are out. All Speech/Debate (Holland) Number Sense (Devito) Current Events Computer Apps (Rice) Shuttle will return to PHS immediately after drop …

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Tutoring during finals week

  Day AM PM Mon. (12/15) 7:40 3:30 – 5 Tues. (12/16) 7:40 3:30 – 5 Wed. (12/17) 7:40 None Thurs.(12/18) None Duty/None Fri. (12/19) None None

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