SarahQ’s bridge sets a new weight record for Mr. B’s classes!

Coming in holding 238 pounds, which was all the weight available this year (and 40 lbs more than last year) Sarah’s bridge constructed entirely of flat toothpicks and white glue maintained its integrity with nary a squeek, pop or crackle, setting  a new max weight record for Mr. B’s physics classes.  Although her total mass held was truly amazing, her bridge was still fairly hefty, giving it a mass held:mass of bridge ratio of about 611:1 which vaults her into Boehringer’s all time top 10 to date, but still a far cry from the 1100:1 ratio of a  student of about 4 years ago (that bridge did not break either!).  Still an all around excellent job Sarah!  Way to go!

Sarah and her bridge just after we removed all the weight

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  1. Traci says:

    Awesome Job Sarah! Way to go. If anyone was going to win it, I knew it’d be you!

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