AP-1 Waves & Sound HW #2 problem 15

A rock band plays at a(n) 85 dB sound level. (a) How many times greater is the sound pressure from another rock band playing at 100 dB? etc.

So, this is your “challenge problem” on this assignment.  As such I will not help you complete it, but I will help you get started.

If you don’t know what to do with the logarithmic equation, this may help a bit:

Let x = your variable and y = a number.

Log 10 x = y

Raise both sides as exponents of ten (the log base)

10 Log 10 x = 10 y

Raising the log expression to be the exponent of the log base effectively undoes the logarithmic operator, leaving behind the result

x = 10 y

You can solve the equation with any log base in exactly the same way.

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