AP Physics 1: Study outline for Waves & SHM exam

I have decided that we have enough material in this unit to justify this exam as a full test grade, rather than the half-grade that I indicated prior to now.  I believe this exam is fairly easy, but please do not neglect the earlier study of SHM.  Here is a study  outline to help you out. I’m also re-posting my tutorial schedule for next week.  Please make sure that you have all of your work made up.  I will be putting in zeroes in skyward soon for missed quizzes and other items.  Check yo’self, don’t wreck yo’self.  Yo. (Just pretend I said that in my usual deadpan style.  Now laugh.  There.  How’s it feel to let loose with a good chortle?)

Study Guide–Waves-SHM test (part 1)

Tutoring Schedule n10

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