AP-1: Schedule updates and Waves test info

This information will be distributed independently to students via text & twitter for those subscribed to Mr. Boehringer’s communication services.

In compliance with Mr. Wright’s option and due to the weather event Thursday, March 5, we will postpone our exam over waves and SHM until after Spring Break.  This move will ensure that A-day and B-day students are assessed on an equitable level.  I hate to give you a test immediately after a break, even in an AP class, but we simply have no choice under the circumstances.  All students should expect to take their test covering waves and SHM when we return from break, exceptions being given only for those who have had extended absences due to illness and family emergency this past week of March 2-6.  We will review during the first 20-30 minutes of class, and take the test during the last 50 minutes of class.  Students should come to class with questions for review, and are encouraged to go back over completed homework, class notes, and vocabulary in preparation for the exam.

Please recall that you have a study guide available here.

A-Day students will test on Monday, March 16.  B-Day students will test on Tuesday, March 17.  The test will still count on the 3rd nine-weeks average.  Students who miss school on their test day may receive an “incomplete” for their 3rd nine-weeks average and this may impact their eligibility status for UIL event participation.  Tutorials the mornings of March 16 and 17 are reserved for students needing to complete make up work from the 3rd nine weeks. Students with questions in preparation for the test are free to email me in the interim and are encouraged to utilize the resources already provided to them.  Normal tutorials will resume later in the week.

Schedule of upcoming classes:

Friday, March 6: A day classes will begin learning about Sound waves and their characteristics.

Mon, 3/16 & Tues. 3/17: Tests over waves and simple harmonic motion for A- and B-day respectively.

Wed (A) /Thurs (B): Continue study of sound.  An updated syllabus is now available here:

AP-Physics-1-syllabus-Waves-A-day-REVISED with test after break

AP-Physics-1-syllabus-Waves-B-day-REVISED with test after break 


Since I have your attention…A note about the upcoming AP Exam:

Students are encouraged to obtain a review guide for the AP exam if they have not done so.  Unfortunately as this is a new course from the College Board, I cannot recommend any specific book.  Here are the details.

1) Buy a review guide that is for AP Physics 1 (or AP-1 and AP-2).  Do not buy a guide for AP Physics C or, the now defunct AP Physics B.

2) Princeton Review  Often a favorite of mine in the past, the book is quite well produced, with great problems and explanations, but it seems to have some issues in that it has topical material that is not supposed to be on your test (AP Physics 1).  This is probably because it is a brand new course and nobody has seen an exam yet, so the authors are likely hedging their bets.  This book will be a good help even if it doesn’t match the exam completely.  I own this book.

3) 5 steps to a 5  Used to be the worst physics prep book on the market, in my opinion, but this one is very well reviewed, for the most part.  However, even good reviews cite a lack of example problems and insufficient explanation on some problems and topics. I have purchased this book, but not yet received it.  This book could be a good help.

4) Barrons  At first glance it appears that Barrons did very little to change their old Physics B book into a new review guide for the new courses, except perhaps reordering the topics.  I have purchased this book, but not yet received it and will provide more detail later.  I do not recommend purchasing the book at this time.

5) AP Physics 1 Essentials  Do NOT buy this book as an AP exam review.  The title is misleading and even the author seems to aknowledge this in response to a negative review.  The book could be a good companion to the course, but likely falls short as a “AP review guide.”  A new 2nd edition just came out that may be a better study aid for the AP exam.  I have ordered this new book and will update my review after I have seen it.

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