Gen Phys 1: First class assignment and webassign information

Don’t forget to set up your webassign account.  The instructions I gave you in class can be found here.

Frequently asked questions regarding webassign and online homework:

There may be a glitch in assignment 1.2, problem 13.  If you encounter an issue, please email me.

Finally, I realized that I accidentally copied an older and somewhat less clear version of the “Mechanics Discovery” assignment at the front of your practice packet that I asked you to do for next class.  The content is generally the same, but the instructions are slightly less clear than the version linked in the unit page section of the website which you can find HERE.  Below, please find solutions worked out for that introductory assignment.
Mechanics Discovery–solutions

Also on the unit page section of the website, you will find the calculus notes from the first class, plus some practice problems involving some basic derivatives and integrals.  If you have never taken any calculus before this semester, or if you wish to brush up, you might want to do this practice.  We will being applying predominately power-rule derivatives and integrals as we dive into kinematics in our next classes.

Looking forward to our next meeting!

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