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Welcome to the Texas Physics Teacher Project! 

TPTP 2013 was an amazing experience.  We hope to offer TPTP Level II combined with a new Level I workshop for the Summer of 2014!  Read below or click HERE for a taste of what’s to come.


In the past, the words “professional development” have brought tears to many eyes and a sighs of despair from many lips.  So often teachers sit through interminable lectures on pedagogy that propose that you should return to your classroom and implement sweeping changes that will revolutionize your teaching.  More often than not you

a) are not given time to plan and implement any changes,
b) don’t want to make the changes because they don’t jive well with a curriculum which already works well,
c) are not given the support and resources to make the changes, or
d) your district/campus moves off on the next trend just as you being to let your new system take root.

But this ain’t your every day professional development.  At Prosper High School we are hosting a multi-day, low cost, Summer, professional conference set up by physics teachers, for physics teachers, with the goal of throwing off some of the drudgery associated with the common professional development seminar.  The best PD sessions provide the opportunity to create something that can be used in ones own classroom, as well as the time to collaborate with colleagues on professional issues.  Accomplishing these goals is at the heart of the Texas Physics Teacher Project.

During the 2013 session we looked a variety of topics including course sequencing, the now defunct STAAR EOC, changes in AP Physics and how to handle them, GT options and projects for our students, flipped classroom, social media tools, and over a full day spent preparing and developing new lessons and labs, as well as sharing existing activities and ideas with colleagues who teach the same thing.

What this conference is NOT about…

This conference is not intended for new teachers who do not know physics and have little to no experience teaching physics.  This seminar is aimed at teachers with at least a year (preferably two or more) of physics teaching experience at any level.  Our primary goal will be collaborating to improve curriculum and share techniques and methods that have been proven successful in each our classrooms.  As such, this conference is not really intended for administrators and coordinators, but rather exclusively for classroom teachers.

2014 Summer Conference

Information regarding the 2014 workshop will be posted soon.  Based on the feedback of last year’s participants we will be opening up the structure of the workshop to accommodate more lesson development and collaboration, and fewer structured discussions and activities.  TPTP 2014 will be a real opportunity to Work on the Work of physics teaching, creating new content, adapting what you have, and sharing your best with others.  We can’t wait to have you join us!


Contact Information

John Boehringer / TPTP
Science Dept. Chair / AP Physics
(469) 219-2180 x 80950
301 Eagle Dr.
Prosper, TX 75078

Please join us in June and become a part of a new, local, collaborative effort to improve physics instruction in North Texas.

TPTP Documents

Registration   <– Please click to register for the conference TPTP Participant Information Sheet North Carolina Physics topic 2 North Carolina Physics topic 3 North Carolina Physics topic 4 North Carolina Physics topic 5 North Carolina Physics topic 6 North Carolina Physics topic 7 North Carolina Physics topic 8 AP Physics 1 and 2 complete curriculum …

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TPTP Registration Closed

Online registration for the 2013 Texas Physics Teacher Project is closed, however a few seats are still available.  Please email John Boehringer ( for instructions.

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