What’s that picture on the homepage?

That is the VLA or Very Large Array radio tellescope observatory in the middle of Nowhere, NM.  You can find their wepage at http://www.vla.nrao.edu/.  These are a few of my own photographs.  I visited here in the Summer of 2010 with Mr. McHam, formerly the PHS AP Chemistry teacher.  Why?  Because we are gigantic nerds, of course.

A distant look at part of the array.

Actually the engineering and science involved at this lab is amazing.  Anything 36 km in size is neat, but a 36 km scientific insturment is just plain cool.

VLA sign & me


Former PHS AP Chemistry teacher and soon to be doctor, Mr. McHam poses here with one REALLY big radio antenna!


One dish

They move them around on railroad tracks…

The VLA is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory system (NRAO) and their webpage can be found at http://www.nrao.edu/.  Radio Astronomy is a fascinating science that provides us with amazing data and “pictures” of many galactic phenomena.

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