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AP Physics 1 replaces the now-defunct PreAP Physics course at Prosper High School  AP Physics 1 is an honors-level, first-year course in physics, backed by trigonometry and advanced algebra.   The class policies syllabus and information about the WebAssign homework system can be found at the below.


Outside of the core content of the class dictated by the College Board, this course has two primary goals:

  1.  To prepare students with appropriate background to excel in collegiate-level science, specifically physics.
  2. To provide students the preparation for the AP Physics 1 examination in May.  Exceptional students who are considering non-science college majors and/or who are not considering AP Physics C next year are strongly encouraged to consider this opportunity to earn college credit.  Even students who are considering STEM majors or AP Physics C (Calculus-based) next year should consider this option as a chance to strengthen their academic resume.  More information will be provided to students regarding the AP exam as the year progresses.

The course will begin with a one-week crash course in measurement methodology, numeric data analysis and math skills that will include a required mastery exam at the conclusion of the unit.  Since mathematics is essential to success in this course, students who do not pass the exam will be required to perform additional studies until they can do so.  Units of study can be found on sub-pages below this one and will become available as we progress through content this year.


Science Safety Contract, rev 8-14

WebAssign handout 14-15–All Courses

WebAssign-FAQ-Revised Fall 2014 Frequently occurring questions and issues with WebAssign and online-based HW


online calculator instructions  Emulator software to mimic a TI graphing calculator on your computer

Parent-policies-and-electronic-resources-sign-up-form, rev Aug 2014 Parent instructions and acknowledgement form

What is Physics Powerpoint from the start of school

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