General Physics 1

General Physics 1 is a calculus-based, introductory course in physics focusing on the principles and laws of mechanics with an emphasis given to kinematics, Newton’s Laws, as well as the conservation laws.  Both physical insight and the ability to solve problems will be stressed.  Differential and integral calculus will be applied as both a conceptual tool and as a cudgel to manipulate problems and systems that would otherwise be incomprehensible without this math.  The course catalog for this course indicates prior credit or concurrent enrollment in Calculus (Math 1401) as a prerequisite to this course.  Use of calculus is a necessity to reach the highest degree of success in this class, and it is strongly recommended that students bear this qualification in mind when enrolling.  In this course, we will spend a great deal of time problem solving and building models for an assortment of mechanical phenomena.  The applied portion of this course will take place in physics 2111 (laboratory).

Pre-Course Survey (Informal)

General Physics 1 Course Syllabus, Spring 2016

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