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0Welcome to Physics!

University of Dallas Physics:
Students with questions about the UD Physics program or specific courses at UD should email me at my university email:

Prosper High School Physics:
Physics is a study of the forces that govern the natural world.  It is considered a foundational science in that the laws of physics generally define how the laws of other technical disciplines behave.  It is a science which is the foundation of most modern technology.  It is also a science that while constantly evolving maintains at its bedrock core, unchanging principles.  It is these classical principles of mechanics and electromagnetism that our physics courses at PHS will attempt to unlock for our students.

For the 2014 – 2015 school year we will offer three levels of physics for Junior and Senior level students:

  • Regular Physics I, generally for students in Algebra II or above (Mr. Boehringer no longer teaches this course )
  • AP Physics 1, generally for junior students in PreCal or PreAP Algebra II or above
  • AP Physics C, a second-year, calculus-based course that will take students deeper into studies of classical mechanics and electricity and magnetism.  Students in AP Physics are required to be concurrently enrolled in Calculus or higher math.

Questions or Concerns?  Email is always the best was to ensure a quick response.  Please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Physics Course Information

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Contact Mr. B.

University of Dallas Email: jboehringer@udallas.edu Prosper High School Email: jcboehringer@prosper-isd.net Phone: (469) 219-2180 (Prosper High School front desk) Or, you may use the form below:

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Mr. Boehringer's Bio

I am pleased to announce that although I have taken on a new job as Assistant Principal at Prosper High School, I am continuing to teach physics at the university level at my alma mater, the University of Dallas.  I will be joining the physics department at the university as an adjunct professor, and am …

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Tutoring Times/Office Hours

Office Hours: Before each class approx. 45 minutes.  Find me in the Physics Department Adjunct’s Office (across from main Physics Dept. office) or in SB2.  

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Twitter/Remind101 info


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What's that picture on the homepage?

That is the VLA or Very Large Array radio tellescope observatory in the middle of Nowhere, NM.  You can find their wepage at http://www.vla.nrao.edu/.  These are a few of my own photographs.  I visited here in the Summer of 2010 with Mr. McHam, formerly the PHS AP Chemistry teacher.  Why?  Because we are gigantic nerds, …

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OpenStax Physics

The OpenStax project (openstaxcollege.org)is a program sponsored in part by Rice University to develop free textbooks for college students in introductory-level courses.  With an eye to serving students taking “Massively Open, Online Courses” (MOOCs), these textbooks are peer-reviewed and put together by professional editors and experts in their respective fields.  In addition to our resources …

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